Why Missionary Marketers?

Missionary Marketers was created to provide the best in design, branding, communications, and marketing services to missionaries, sending organizations, and other non-profit ministries. Whether you are an independent missionary who needs a new brochure created, or you’re a multi-national organization looking to refresh your brand, your logo, or your website, Missionary Marketing is here to provide affordable solutions.

My Story

My wife and I spent four years serving as the directors of a non-profit member care organization, and in that time, we got to meet many amazing individuals and families who have poured out their lives to further the kingdom. We ourselves were missionaries, depending on the support of churches, family members, and friends who believed in our work.

We were at an advantage, in that my 15+ years of work in Marketing, Communications, Design, Branding, and Web Development became tools we could use to improve and increase our awareness, reach, and support. But for most missionaries and organizations, those tools aren’t always easily available, or affordable.

Today, we have returned to living in the Louisville, Kentucky, area, but still have a heart for encouraging and equipping those in ministry. My hope is that I can use the talents and tools God has given me to be able to partner with agencies and individuals throughout the mission world to provide top-level marketing.

Not Just for Missionaries…

Don’t think that the name Missionary Marketers means that I only offer services and solutions for missionaries. I also partner with churches and other non-profit and para-church ministries to deliver the same type of support. I have worked with startup ministries and have even provided communication strategies for one of the largest Christian churches in the United States.

I would love to partner with you! Use the short form at the top of this page to get in touch, or feel free to call me at the cell number listed at the top of the page.

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